A SNAPSHOT of 2018

A New Clubhouse

Design has been signed off, we now just await the building timelines.

Tony Pucella (Pooch) continues as Director of Coaching and Development

While 2017 was a great 1st Year for Pooch, he has some great plans for 2018 to make ‘Coaching’ even easier & more fun for all our coaches – lots of good stuff coming up in 2018.

Extra Weekly Fri Night Skills Sessions

Last season we only managed to get access to Duncan Street late in the season to kick-off these sessions, but everyone who attended loved them. This season the great news is that these skills session for all age groups, will commence right from the start of the season. So anyone who wants more than the once-per-week training session will be able to turn up and work on their skills.

Footy Interns

The footy interns were a great success, they'll be back in 2018. In fact we want even more, so if anyone knows someone who’s keen get them to contact Brad Langdon (Footy Director) on 0414 339 909.

Technology Advances

More technology advancements in 2018, with videoing & editing of more games & some trials of GPS Tracking for our players.

New Website & Communications

This, our new Website will soon be officially launched, but most importantly a new Social Media focus with communications direct to mobile phones will also be launched soon.