Correction and Apology to Ian Pewtress

A notice of a 6 match penalty against a match official (boundary umpire), for the club at a Round 15 Under 12 Division 3 match which took place on 7th August 2016, was published in a link from the “2016 Penalties and Suspensions : Official” page of the SMJFL’s website. This named Ian Pewtress as the offending boundary umpire, which was incorrect. Ian did not attend the match. His name was included in the notice after the Club had incorrectly named Ian as the relevant official in connection with the incident report received by the SMJFL. On the Club being notified of the error, the Club took steps to have the notice promptly removed. The Club apologised to Ian and now wishes to acknowledge its error in naming him as the official and to publicly apologise to him for any damage and distress the error has caused him.     - Published 06/06/18